Monday, April 29, 2013

And more research

I have read and learned so much today. I'm really looking forward to this weekend, I'll be making my 1st new dish. Vegetarian Chili, found the recipe on Allrecipes. It will also be the 1st time eating beans so I Really hope I like it. I'm altering it just a touch because I don't want to add fake meat. I'm also assuming that it is actually vegan..? 

I have also found out our Health Food Store sells vegan cheese and a local bakery makes a vegan bread, I hope, still waiting to hear back on that one. So things are coming together and I'm starting to get even more excited. I watched a couple vlogs on veganism and other people's journeys which were both helpful and informational. In the next 5 days I will be shopping and adding new foods to my diet in preparation of giving up meat, eggs, butter, and milk entirely. Cheese is going to take me a bit longer. I love cheese and really want to find a vegan replacement that I like or can make myself. That and chocolate will be the hardest to give up, the rest should be easy. I have given up eggs already and I barely ever use butter or even milk for that matter. Meat grosses me out lol so that will be really easy to quit. I just need to have some meal ideas in place and recipes to try and I should be fine. I ordered some new containers today to store beans and rice in. Sorry I'm just babbling on, but it's my way of getting ready =) 

Thanks for reading!

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