Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cheese rant

I made vegan chili last night, it was good, my husband really liked it. I am not used to most of the ingredients so it tasted unlike anything I ever had before, very spicy. I've also come to the conclusion that chili, soups, stews are not a dinner for me. It would be fine for a lunch but knowing there's no other meal coming until breakfast is unacceptable to me lol. Definitely not filling! Here's the link to the recipe I worked off of. I used it more as a guide.

I also realized a couple other things yesterday. I am not ready nor may I ever be ready to give up cheese. The idea of giving up some of my favorite foods in the world has become increasingly depressing to me and I don't want to feel this way. I have also found that soy milk in my coffee tastes gross so I haven't had a nice cup of coffee in a while. I haven't decided how I will handle this yet. I don't drink coffee every day or even every week so it's not that bad but you know every once in a while a nice cup of coffee is like gold so we'll have to see. Because of these things I may always be just "mostly vegan". I'm still working on processing that and deciding if that will be ok for me. For now it is, time will tell if that will change or not. I know I have to try different vegan cheeses and I will but just not right now. I've given up so much already in such a short time that I just need to be ok with the decisions I'm making. Maybe later I'll find really great vegan Ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, sharp cheddar, and swiss cheeses but until then I've decided I'm not giving them up. lol sorry for the cheese rant but I feel better now =)  Any brands to try or cheese recipes are Greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for reading!

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