Sunday, May 5, 2013


Another disappointing dinner. So I decided to do a simple recipe, not even a recipe more like a tip, I marinated mushrooms in A1 steak sauce all day and cooked them, also had onion potatoes which I love. I thought this would be soo good. I love A1 steak sauce and always have but nope they didn't taste good at all =( . I either gave up meats too soon or I don't know what. My husband and daughter had burger and brat patties and to be honest they didn't look good, I had no thought to even try one. So to me that's good but I'm honestly not finding a replacement for the meat that used to be in my diet. I really don't want to go backwards, I don't want to eat meat again, but UGH I've been hungry and disappointed all weekend. I also tried a vegan cheese today, I give it maybe a C. If I was starving to death and it was the only food in the house I would eat it but I can't say much else =( .

Let's see the rest of this week's meal plan is:
Monday - I'm trying beans, rice, salsa and lettuce and maybe some shredded cheese. Everyone else is having chicken and rice.
Tuesday - Homemade Pizzas
Wednesday - Salad
Thursday - Pasta and garlic bread
Friday - No idea yet.

I think I'm at the point that I can say I'm done with meat and eggs, milk (except in coffee?), and butter. The rest is going to be eaten sparingly. I think I also found more buns in town that may be vegan, however there are so many ingredients that I have no idea how to say let alone what they are, it's hard to tell. I'll have to research it more.

I'm really disappointed in myself, I thought I would have liked everything I tried so far but that hasn't been the case at all =(

Any tips would be great.

Thanks for reading!

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