Friday, May 3, 2013


My husband and I went grocery shopping today, bought several different things to try. I will be making a vegan chili this weekend and also a different mushroom, onion potato dish. I can truthfully say I've bought more mystery food today than ever before. It's exciting and scary at the same time because if I don't like something I don't really have much of a replacement meal. I meal plan and really do just buy what we will need for the week. When we were done grocery shopping we decided to go to Subway and get supper. I parked the car and in the window was a poster for their newest sub, a bbq chicken sandwich and it looked so good that I thought 'am I really ready for this?' I don't know if I am. I did get a footlong veggie sub and it did taste good but wasn't as filling as I would have liked. But then again I think every time we've gone to Subway we leave still hungry lol so...

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